Autumn Accessories 2023

It’s time to welcome the season of pumpkin spice lattes, cosy knits, oversized scarves, ugg boots, earmuffs, Gilmore girls and cinnamon buns. We are so ready for hot girl autumn and if you’re reading this, then I think you are too. So let's start upgrading all your accessories with new styles and trends. Goodbye straw cowboy hats and hello cosy scarves, fur plush bucket hats, balaclavas and many more. Let’s have a deep dive into our new autumn accessories and start creating your autumn outfit Pinterest board with us.

Arm Warmers:

This is a new category for us because we know our accessory angels love the weird girl aesthetic. These accessories will enhance comfort and style as we ease ourselves into the cold weather. Our cute arm warmers are available in black, pink, grey and beige, we made sure they were neutral tones to blend in with your autumnal wardrobe. We’ve also made sure the quality on these arm warmers is 10/10 so they can sit in a ruched position on your arms.

Leg Warmers

So, you love the arm warmers then you need the leg warmers to match. With balletcore and weird girl aesthetic in mind, we recommend styling these accessories with Mary Jane shoes and ballet pumps so you can create the ultimate autumnal aesthetic. 


Are you a balaclava baddie? We have new and improved styles this season. How are they different? The quality is better, and they sit more comfortably around your face frame. This is the perfect London girly accessory. If you’re on the go, running to get your pumpkin spice latte or hopping on a tube to get to A to B, you can easily pull on and pull off a balaclava to block out the cold chill and keep cosy.


YAY… they're back. You guys loved last year’s earmuffs so much that we brought them back with the cutest NEW styles. They’ve been tried and tested in the office, and we can confirm they are deliciously cosy and comfortable.