Writers note: After reading this, nobody will be “Not a Hat person”

Fancy That, the word Fedora derives from the Greek word “Theodoros” which literally means “gift of god” so what better way to appreciate our gift, than showing you how best to style her!

Country walks? perfect! Festival! Been there bought the T-… hat. So where do we go from here? Well, a little secret from us to you (Shhh… tell your friends) Our Fedora, which by the way comes in a range of core and complimentary colours. Is now here to spice, sophisticate and make you stand out for all the right reasons! How might you say? Well, at My Accessories London we have come up with 6 refreshing ways to style the crown of the accessory’s world!

First off, we’re happy to tell you that we have gone to lengths to create for you, not only fedoras which are beautifully designed and shaped, but also come with adjustable inside headbands. We don’t want our queens losing their crowns.


Alex in a black fedora and cropped blazer and green mini skirt

1. Are You Going OUT OUT (With that HAT)!?

You sure are!!! Alex here shows us just how it can be done. Slip on a mini skirt, pair with a cropped or full-length blazer top/jacket, add one of our quilted crossbody bags and finish with either our bow trim or buckle detailed black fedora. Simplistic with a strong colour is key here, adding the pop of colour in either the bottoms or top and matching it with black, will centralise your outfit and make for an effortless and fun look. drinks with friends, can now be turned to a full night partying.

Helen in a beige fedora and quilted beige bag

2. Are You Beachin about me?

Yeah, that’s right I heard you talking about wearing our fedora to the beach and waterside! we love a good beach ;) and dip in the water. Helen does too and can’t get enough of our ecru bow trim fedora which she’s matched with our quilted crossbody bag, a neutral toned pair of high-rise shorts, oversized button shirt and our oval tortoise shell sunglasses. By using a neutral colour palette means your tan game will be looking strong and draws the eye to your Sunkissed glow. So, bringing it from head to toe has got to be a must, no?

Anna in Khaki fedora with shoulder bag
3. Sunday Funday.. pub lunch day!

Let’s face it, you don’t need a reason to visit the pub so do you need a reason to bring your fedora?...  We’re going to give you a reason anyways. Anna is bringing her khaki faux leather tie trim fedora, whilst wearing a cosy off white roll neck, black straight leg trousers, wool tailored coat and topped off with our brown croc shoulder bag with chain. Having soft materials and colours makes the look comfy, casual yet sophisticated and easy. So, you have the look of all the effort with little effort made. No faf, now that’s fun.



Kiran in green fedora and green quilted bag

4. Take me out!

You might not be going to Fernando, but wherever you are going with that special someone, please don’t forget to wear… our Mint Green with bow trim fedora. Kiran wears ours so beautifully with black leather shorts, a simple white tee, oversized black blazer, pointed cat eye sunglasses and showstopper or should I say heart stopper matching green boots and quilted crossbody bag. Having hints of the same colour strategically dispersed amongst your outfit will elongate your figure, exaggerating your confidence and making you look fierce!



girl wearing pink fedora hat with croc curved shoulder bag at pink cafe

5. BAEs (Brunch Accessory Essentials)

 Oh, you didn’t know there was accessory essentials for brunch? Don’t worry, your our Bae so we got your back. X. Our essential candyfloss pink fedora worn by Hannah goes perfectly with an all-black fit, topped with off white tailored coat, super soft scarf, and our croc shoulder bag. Having an ombre effect outfit (darker colour items transitioning outwards to light colours) creates a bright and refreshing look come rain or shine.



Girl wearing blue fedora PU black mini skirt and holding blue shoulder bag

6. Get lost in the city, but not with your accessories!

 Our fedora will be the biggest asset to your outfit and suitcase. However far or for however long, we want to make sure your kitted out with the necessary accessories to make a stylish splash in the city. Hannah wears our powder blue bow trim fedora, with our oval eye sunglasses, black t-shirt, leather skirt, Chelsea boots, Our graphic tights and blue croc shoulder bag. Hints of a pastel shade in an outfit instantly brightens and revitalises a look bringing it to life. So even with a small wardrobe to hand, you can change things up just through accessories.



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